Online classes
April - June, 2020

We would like to offer online classes at King Sejong Institute from April to June, 2020.

If you want to join our online class, please visit the online platforms of King Sejong Institute website ( to register. 

(Nuri Sejong Website and the online platforms of King Sejong Institute are different website.) 

After register, please follow the step by step instructions below:

 1. You can choose language options at the top right, and then you need to

     search USA(Capital Letter) for classes at Sejong Institute to find our


2. After searching, if you do not find your classes, click the View more(+) button.

3.  When you find your class, please click the class. After that you can find the 'apply' 

     button in the right side of the page, then please click the button.

4. Even if you have applied it, you can enter the classes after the teacher’s approval.

5. After your teacher has approved it, you can check out the lecture information in My      Lectures (please click the 'My class' in the top right side of the page, then click My


6. Then press enter to take the course.

* Students can enter after the teacher enters first. 


Taking an online class can be made via the platform as shown above, and if the platform is difficult to use, we also email you the link 30 Minutes before the class.
If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us at

King Sejong Institute Center | USA


801 S Grand Avenue Suite 425

(4th floor) Financial District Downtown Los Angeles California 90017

Tel: 1-213-372-5675


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