2021 Spring Semester
Sejong Korean Language Classes 

01/25/2021 – 05/15/2021

The King Sejong Institute Center U.S.A. offered different types of courses ranging from beginner level to intermediate level. Each curriculum has been designed by the National Institute of Korean Language the authority on the modern Korean language.

The courses are named after the books (Sejong Korean) and made up of 8 textbooks. Each book indicates one level, and after finish the class, you take a test to go to the upper class. 

We offer 4 different Korean Language classes and 2 different conversation levels for the 2021 Spring semester. The classes are 48 hours, once a week, in total over the 16 weeks. The courses will be offered from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm on the weekdays, and from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday.

We open the online class this time because of the COVID-19, but we believe that we will have face to face classes again soon after overcoming the Corona pandemic.



Registration and Payment
  1. Please go to the ‘Registration and Payment section at the top of the Menu of this page, you can easily register and make a payment for the class.

  2.  After register for the course, please apply your class on the below online platform https://www.iksi.or.kr/lms/main/main.do  

Starting from January 20, 2021, * if you need the information on how to register on the online platform, go to the 'Guide to Register Online Classes' (on top of this page). 

  • Due to COVID19, we are not able to sell textbooks at the Center. Please use the website www.hanbooks.com to purchase your textbook.

Information of Courses
  1. Sejong Korean language courses are an integrated Korean language class developed to improve the communication skills of Korean learners. You can improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills through this course.



  •   Sejong Korean 3(Elementary 2A) or 4(Elementary 2B) 1 lesson per week | 16 weeks

Learners who have completed Sejong 2(Elementary 1B)  or Sejong 3(Elementary 2A)  can take a Beginner-level Korean course. 

You can learn how to communicate frequently in public places such as schools and shopping malls.   


         Fees: $200 for 16weeks

  •   Sejong Korean 6(Intermediate 1B) | 1 lesson per week | 16 weeks  

Learners who have completed Sejong 5(Intermediate 1A) can take an intermediate Korean course. In this class, you can learn basic language functions necessary for the use of various public facilities and the maintenance of social relationships. You can also learn the basic characteristics of the written and spoken style.

Fees: $200.00 for 16 Weeks


   2. Sejong Korean conversation courses are designed to improve Korean learner’s 

       communication skills such as speaking and listening.

  •   Sejong Korean  Conversation Introduction(Beginner) |1 lesson per week | 10 weeks

If you just start learning Korean, we recommend you to take this course. You can learn first Korean alphabets (vowels, consonants) and useful expressions easily and interestingly.

Fees: $100.00 for 10 Weeks 

  •   Sejong Korean Conversation 1-1(Elementary 1A)| 1 lesson per week | 16 weeks

Students who can read and write Korean alphabets can register. You will be able to learn to answer simple questions such as how to express your time, date, and day in this class

Fees: $200.00 for 16 Weeks 

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