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King Sejong Institute Foundation(KSIF) is a public institution under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea in order to manage overseas Korean Language education and to extend Korean culture. KSIF is the world's largest educational institution for non-native speakers of Korean. As part of its purpose, the KSIF opened its first regional center branch, the King Sejong Institute Center USA (KSIC USA), in 2017 in Los Angeles. 

The KSIC USA, located in downtown LA and within the Korea Center in Mid-Wilshire, is raising standards for other Korean language programs in the region and seeking cooperation for making effective programs through culture and language with several public institutions that are in Korea center as well.

From beginner
to advanced courses 

About the Curriculum


KSIC, USA offers courses that have been proven in 60 countries and 180 locations worldwide, using curriculums designed by the National Institute of Korean Language(the authority on modern Korean language).


In order to provide better understanding of the language, KSIC USA complements culture with its programs for better understanding and meaningful learning experience.

Work on your vocabulary
and range of expressions 

Conversation Class

KSIC USA will offer Korean Conversation courses to improve your daily conversational skills in Korean language.

On-site Korean language experts who are available for support throughout the day will provide you with  guidance to your journey of mastering the new language offered at KSIC USA.

Daily Schedule(Weekdays)
  • 9:00am   | Center Open
  • 12:00pm | Lunch Break
  • 6:30pm   | Evening classes
  • 9:30pm   | Close of Business
          * Saturday classes are also offered in the morning(9am~12pm)
       ** Center is open for registered students during office hours(9 to 6). 
            The students may utilize the space to study.